RMK mission statement

Secure asset values with moral values

The foundation of our company is based on a common value system that is at the center of all our actions. We are confident that multiple matches and overlaps of our value system will lead to success. On this basis we manage risks and secure the financial assets as well as the property assets of our clients.

RMK as a financial broker does not offer any specific products. Quality and passion are exclusively represented by our employees. It is essential for us that our employees live up to the RMK-value system and identify themselves with the RMK-brand identity. These are:

RMK core values


Passion is our expression of enthusiasm for RMK. We want our employees to be proud of working for RMK and represent this feeling to the outside world. We represent the interests of our clients with passion and total commitment. Our goal is to prove ourselves as worthy representatives of our clients’ interests.


We are always sincere and straightforward. We keep our promises. We take responsibility very seriously and are always a reliable business partner. We follow the concept of the honorable merchant that is firmly embedded in our corporate philosophy. We stand for responsibility and a sustainable management.


We have high quality standards that differentiate us from our competitors. This requires the willingness of all our employees to embrace new challenges and technologies, develop themselves, and take responsibility.


We stay predictable. Our business partners can always rely on us and our word. As representative of our clients’ interests we negotiate skillfully, consistently, and fairly. We focus on transparency and a maximum of openness. We know that we can only find solutions together. Only with the support of the insurers we can manage and finance the risks of our clients.


The willingness to help others and our team spirit bind us together. We are convinced that long-term success is only possible if we maintain the balance in our team. Together we can protect our resources and increase our pace. If our employees are able to contribute their strengths, we can create a symbiosis that keeps the balance between giving and taking.

Customer orientation 

Our aim is to turn clients into fans and to exceed the expectations. Customer proximity is the philosophy we live. We organized our company systematically to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses. A high level of commitment to service, availability, speed, and solution-oriented acting are part of our written service promise.