We live a corporate culture that is based on values and sustainability. This is the center of our RMK-guidelines and the foundation of our marketing concept.

We aim to keep things in balance and are convinced that this is the solution to ensure a sustainable corporate success.

This prevents us not only from an undesirable development but also from striving for short-term success.

We do things differently and this is the key to our success.

  • Practiced values make us predictable for our customers and insurers.
  • Long-term customer relationships are the foundation of our company.
  • Excellent references are our reputation and proof of our quality.
  • We grow despite stagnating markets – that’s what makes us interesting for the insurers.
  • We always stay active without losing sight of reality and the achievable.
  • We are only satisfied when we exceeded your expectations and achieved added value for you.
  •  We want to excite you, to represent your interests sustainably and to justify your trust in us.

Internal RMK-audit

We want to be a reliable partner at all times and justify the trust we gained. Our failure in the event of a loss could be existence-threatening for our clients. So we are sensitized to review our processes regularly and detect weak points.

Internal audits, employee performance reviews and the sensitization associated with that are annual challenges requiring time and manpower. For you this is a confirmation and a sign for our quality standard.

For us this is also a suitable criterion of distinction regarding our competition. This is probably another reason for entrusting us with the management of your risks and your company insurances.

Our clients

Adler Mode

A small selection of our client references

Our partners

represented worldwide

globally linked

highest level of customer satisfaction


We support our clients worldwide. We are a member of the international network unisonSteadfast. With the help of our network partners we are able to implement coordinated global insurance programs and ensure local service worldwide.

We create transparency by offering an online service in form of our Extranet. With this, our clients can look up their local insurances, loss runs etc.


We are also a member of BDVM – the Association of German Insurance Brokers.


RMK is part of the Martens & Prahl Group that operates nationwide. Martens & Prahl consists of more than 90 independently operating insurance brokers with a total of 900 employees.

So we are among the ten largest insurance brokers in Germany.