Tailor-made concepts

Concepts tailor-made to your needs

All our company concepts are tailored individually to meet your needs and requirements.

RMK is an owner-operated insurance broker, developing individual concepts for medium-sized businesses and supporting clients worldwide. Our strength lies in specializing in selected industries, in an extensive know-how of our employees, in our bargaining power and in our assertiveness.

We are confident that quality will always set itself in the long run. Our goal is to constantly improve because if you stop getting better, you stop being good!

We are ambitious. We want to set the benchmarks within our target group and make an impact on the market. In this context, we have our eyes firmly on the technological lead, which is one of our challenge.

Our Company profile

We deliver worldwide solutions through the global support of our network unison Steadfast

We stand for quality which sets us apart from the competition

We are proud of our first-class customer references – We are a global market leader- This is our precise demonstration of our quality concept

We are technologically advanced and provide own software solutions.

We do price controlling through our own rating programs and our own evaluation of capitals (R.I.S.A.)

Our products are not an off-the-peg product. Exclusive concepts based on own wordings guarantee individuality

Our success factors

RMK Success Factors


employees are serving industrial clients at our headquarter in Nuremberg


employees at Martens & Prahl-Group. We are among the ten largest brokers in Germany with a total turnover of > 80 Mio. €

20,2 Mrd. €

RMK itself serves a total customer turnover of 20.2 billion €

8,8 Mrd. €

RMK bears responsibility for an entrusted tangible asset of 8.8 billion €


We are global: We support the subsidiaries of our clients in over 40 countries worldwide


Unsere Analysen überzeugen. So erhalten wir 8 Mandate von 10 durchgeführten Risikostudien. Exakt liegt die Quote sogar bei 8,3.

6,8 %

Since 2008 we have grown by an annual average of 6.8 %

1 Mio. €

We have the knowledge to regulate large claims. 60 % of our large claims lie above 1 Mio. €

Company history


RMK will continue to grow. In 2019, a sales growth was achieved in every business area.

Manfred Radloff, the co-founder and CEO entered retirement and left the management board.

The other shareholders Rudolf Meier and Martens & Prahl took over his shares.



RMK celebrated its 10th anniversary. The management took this opportunity to thank all customers and clients for their loyalty and support.

The company also moved into a new office building in the EUROCOM-Center.

In 2009, we exceeded the one million euro mark of turnover.



Our company was founded in 2007. At the start we had a total of 7 employees. The office building was in the heart of Nuremberg, facing the Wöhrder See.