Concepts are individually created for your requirements

RMK is an owner-managed technical insurance broker. We develope individual concepts for medium-sized businesses and support them worldwide. Our strengths lie in the specialization in certain industries, highly qualified employees, bargaining power and assertiveness.

We live the conviction that quality always pushes through and maintains in the long term. We strive to constantly improve ourselves, because anyone who stops trying to get better, stops being good.

We are ambitious and seek to be the benchmark in our target group and shaping the market sustainably. Technology leadership is one of our challenges we have permanently in view.

  • global service through our international partners over our network - UnisonBrokers
  • high quality standards and an outstanding reputation in the industry
  • first-class customer references - World market leader
  • technically high-quality broker with own software solutions
  • own rating programms and insurance sum determination software
  • exclusive concepts and own wordings

  • valuable management
  • the RMK service concept
  • transparency
  • innovation
  • bargaining power
  • RMK wordings
  • negotiated insurance premiums
  • have been accepted by the market and have prevailed.