We are specialized in middle classes global demands…

The major part of our clients has subsidiaries abroad, manufacturing as well as distributiing or dependant companies. We are oriented towards global requirements of the medium-sized sector. As a result we have  long-term experiences in positioning international insurance programmes.

The ideal solution at concept level is always a integrated program (master's insurer = local insurer) or at least a coordinated program (differing local insurers) for the key areas (liability, property, business interruption, transport). A mixed concept is not unusual, too. We see our strength in our flexibility to consider your special company situation in the placement of program solutions and also to implement what your company structure allowes.

There may be resistors when placing or exchanging local insurer or local brokers. This often needs a sensitive course of action together with intensive persuasion. Regional sovereigns are no unknown persons to us.

We ensure coordinated service by our global network of brokers UnisonBrokers. Our patners in this network know the agreed international pragrammes and ensure local service and support.

Country-specific special coverage will be insured locally.

Transparency is reached via RMK extranet. You'll get an access to your programm on demand and can gain information abourt local coverage, claims development, visit reports, and local unique circumstances at any time.

We perform benchmark evaluation of the insured sums and check their plausibility with the objective of a worldwide valid waiver of underinsurance.