Our Partner...


We serve our customers worldwide. We are member of the worldwide network UnisonBrokers. Thus we are able to implement the coordinated serving of international insurance programs worldwide through our network partners and to secure local service on site. Transparency is generated through the online connection to Extranet, where you can find your foreign policies, claims overview etc. 


The RMK-network

The RMK-network contains

  • experts
    (fire protection, flood, technology, construction, business interruption, environment)
  • specialist solicitors
    (tort, insurance law, company law, criminal law, labour law)
  • claims agents
  • consultants for crisis
  • companies for waste disposal
  • security companies
  • public accountants
  • tax accountants
  • etc...

whom we cooperate project-realted with and have corresponding experiences with, so we can recommend them to be "RMK-prooved".