New business development...

Before giving us a mandate, we make a RMK security expertise including a valuation based on our insurance sum determination software RISA. This is usually done in the form of a audit engagement on the basis of a fee agreement. If there is a mandate afterwards, the fee will be settled.

The success rate is the evidence of our quality. In 9 of 10 cases RMK receives the mandate afterwards. By our approach and our detailed tender documents (your application portfolio in the insurance world) we generate transparency and avoid exorbitant safety loadings.

We offer a compressed daily analysis to find out if there is a need for action. We subject your concept to a stress test and evaluate the quality of the insurance coverage, the insurance premium, the service concept, the service itself and the improvement. We show, if there is a need to act.

A comprehensive analysis (RDT 24) into aerial perspective. At ClaimsDay we simulate a major fire loss in your company and analyse together, if the legacy systems and coverage concepts are suitable for major losses.

Least effort for you to figure out if we can improve something for you. We examine a insurance policy, which is selected from you, if the terms and conditions conform to the current market level.

This does not replace a analysis, but rather is an aperitif or appetizer.

With immediate granting of a mandate we can operate and negotiate for you more comprehensively. We also establish a security expertise in this case. However we negotiate for you on the basis of another position of trust and are able to include your current insurer in our negotiation / tender. Therefore we deliver even better results as a rule.

As an offset for your leap of faith you get our promise of guarantee: We commit ourself in advance and ensure which economies and improvements we'll reach at least. The worst case would be, that we do not reach the predicted result. In this case we assume responsibility and compensate for the difference between the predicted and the achieved result für one year, by reimbursing the "additional costs".