Core competence, concepts, special solutions, service, specialty, exclusive concept, products….

We are convinced that we have created the conditions for top performances in consulting by focussing the defined targed group (middle class, sales volume > 25 m EUR industry focus) and the wanted waiver of market. Our exclusive consulting concept is always interesting when standard isn't enough. 

We don't have standardized sizes, but we always have customised solutions. Our expertise lies in risk analysis and development of appropriate concepts which are based on this. We don't have similar concepts. We work with modules to meet the requirements of our clients.

We serve our clients exclusively.
Your support team consists of 3-4 highly qualified contact person, who are all specialised in their departments. The client manager coordinates the team and is your central contact person at the same time. Each of our employees serves a maximum of 10-15 industry customers, depending on the dimensions of each client.

This is necessary to ensure that your contracts aren't only administered but managed, and always kept up to date by adapting to requirements regularly. Each employee has the responsibility for contract managing and also the claims side. Because of that, it's always the same contact person and the same person in charge. This is new in our sector.

We have special solutions for you.

A selection:

  • sector specific concepts (textile coverage)
  • vehicle-fleet management (C³, reduction of losses)
  • RISA (valuation reports for fixed assets)
  • central system of registration (1 notification sheet for all  scopes)
  • analysis for benchmark stock (stress test for your contracts in industry comparison)
  • automated tendering process (standardised, regularly)
  • insurer rating (selection guide) 

  • worldwide Cat-Net evaluation (evaluation of risk of material damage per site) 
  • framework contracts (with own wording and sample solutions)
  • own insurance products (e.g. liability: Limit-Plus, concept for extended recall, property: DIC/DIL Cover for retroactive damage)
  • structured evaluation of capitals (with ensured  waiver of underinsurance by inclusion of the international location)
  • fire protection consultations and concepts

You have a problem that we don't know yet? ...then we promise to find a solution!